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Exotic Leisure创于2011年并与此年开始营业,是金马仑高原高原高原首创的度假公寓代理公司。我们希望能够为客人们提供舒适兼价格相宜的度假公寓,让客人可以尽情的享受金马仑高原高原的异国风情。





不兰璋是全金马仑高原最大的市镇,也是继丹那拉打后第二个出名的旅游市镇。各式各样的旅店,餐馆和旅游景点都集中在这里,另外,每个星期六或假期季节才有的不兰璋夜市也是其中一个景点。 阅读更多

丹那拉打是金马仑高原的主要市镇,虽然金马仑高原属于丹那拉打州议会,但部分的丹那拉达却坐落于霹雳州而部分的坐落在彭亨州里。 阅读更多

直能甲新村坐落在碧兰璋北方8公里,与著名的茶园(Sungai Palas BOH Tea Plantation)为邻。1929年,J.A.Rusell开设的Boh Tea Plantation的公司就设在这里,因此本地人都称直能甲新村为"大公司"。 阅读更多

About Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a popular tourist spot and place of vacation for many people with its unique location up on the hill of cool and breezy temperature. Exotic Leisure is one of the apartment accommodation provider located at Cameron Highlands. Our company has been established since year 2011.

We are offering to tourists who wish to spend their stay in Cameron Highlands a number of apartments in Cameron Highlands for rent. These apartments provided by Exotic Leisure are nicely furnished and well kept. We have apartments in Cameron Highlands which are located at different areas within the hills. Visitors can choose their areas of interest such as Brinchang, Tringkap, Tanah Rata, Kea Farm, Kampung Raja, Blue Valley and Kuala Terla.

With the facilities of Cameron Highlands Apartment for rent, visitors to Cameron Highlands can enjoy greater convenience and comfort during their holiday at this beautiful highland. We wish to offer visitors an exotic stay at our apartments by enjoy spending time with their family or friends at a peaceful and serene surrounding. Enjoy the nature and fresh air at Cameron Highlands with our facilities of Cameron Highlands apartment.

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