About Us

Tanand Technology was founded in 2014 by two young entrepreneurs in Klang Valley, Malaysia who wanted to combine IT intelligence into engineering solutions to make it a future trend of business.

Tanand Technology provides innovative engineering solution that allows companies to manage energy efficiently and effortlessly that significantly reduces energy costs, upgrades the facilities and increases productivity.

We are experienced in planning and operation of energy related production and consumption. Our ultimate objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost saving while consumer can enjoy permanent access to the energy they need. We consolidate best practises from many of organization into one step by step road map for continuous improvement which includes process of monitoring, controlling and conservation energy in a building or organization.

In order to maintain sustainable and cost effective solution we always focus in developing an affordable and easy implementation system that can be easily manage and access. Therefore, we always keeping a close proximity to the latest technology and choosing the right product to integrate into our solution. Most of our customer requires first-hand information and alerts so that quick decision and action can be taken accordingly to prevent unnecessary surge in energy and power demand. This is our commitment to ensure our customer to stay in connect with their energy all the time.

We offer unique and customized solution to our customer's specific requirements by performing in-depth site study to identify guaranteed saving opportunities that will generate positive cash flow. We also provide customized engineered samples to customer for testing and evaluation upon request.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide solutions that enable every customers to manage their energy efficiently, effectively and improve their comfort of life.

Our Mission

  • We constantly innovate and deliver superior products/services that provide cost saving with consistent favourable results with great affordability to the market
  • We say what we do and do what we say. With integrity, we build long-term mutual trust with customers that help us achieve individual and organizational goals
  • We are sincere, straightforward, bold and open in driving our company towards excellence. In other words, we are fun to work with!


Product / Services


Smart Building Solution

Wireless technology is the emerging trend in various industries. With the introduction of Zigbee wireless network, it allows you to automate, customize and remote control your devices/appliances at home easily.

List of appliances that can be controlled wirelessly:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC / Air-Conditioning unit
  • Home Entertainment
  • Washing Machine
  • Many more to come in future..

Benefits of Smart Building

  • Energy monitoring for costs saving
  • Maximize energy consumption and efficiency
  • Provide significant convenience to end-users
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Smart Plant Solution

Zigbee Technology does not only limit to commercial building but can also be utilised for industrial automation

Industrial Sensor uses Zigbee converter to transfer sensor data to Internet which allow plant operator to view data at anytime, anywhere.

Deployment cost for industrial sensor will be reduced significantly through wireless technology due to reduction of wiring cost from industrial sensor to controller


All machine motors are subject to vibration which mainly due to machine unbalanced, misalignment and resonances. The greater the vibration level, the higher chance of unexpected breakdown and reduced availability.

In order to prevent such breakdown, we introduce Dr. Motor as a one stop tool kit to monitor and detect the health condition of your motor.

Area of monitoring:

  • Unbalance or misalignment of shaft
  • Bearing condition

Benefit of Dr.Motor:

  • Preventive measurement for motor unscheduled breakdown
  • Increase reliability by early detection of unbalance / misalignment of shaft


Tanand Technology Sdn Bhd

SMS Marketing

This is marketing through mobile SMS.

SMS Marketing has been widely used by SME and big corporation due to the effectiveness of delivering marketing message to mass market.

Tanand Technology provides SMS marketing coverage to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia subscribers at a very competitive cost. Do enquire us for more information about SMS Marketing product.

Enterprise Solutions

Tanand Technology provides Enterprise Solution to the following industries:

Financial Institute:

  • Mobile Banking / Payment Solution
  • Fraud Management Solution

Mobile Operator:

  • Content Provider Access (CPA) Solution
  • Dealer Management Solution
  • PINless Reload Solution



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Enterprise Solution Partners

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40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

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